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Richard has done all kinds of mechanical installations and modifications. He has installed small engines in sailboats and big dual diesels in large yachts. He has replaced engines, relocated engines and engine beds and replaced two large diesels with new engine beds and one central diesel on an 85 ft steel vessel for the local Community College. As an adjunct to his boat repair business he built his own large boat moving trailer specifically for moving and unloading a 56 ft wooden vessel repeatedly. He also rebuilt and installed his own 35 ton Stiff Leg Derrick at a local boatyard. He has installed any system on a boat, usually designing and building some related parts, of either wood, plastic, steel, stainless, aluminum, fiberglass or some composite to mount or enclose it. He has also done some motorized systems on boats and is capable of utilizing most power transmission devices. He has a very adequate wood working and machine shop on site.

New Diesel Engine Installations

35 Ton Stiff Leg Derrick

Reid's Boatbuilding and Repair
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