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Richard has built many fiberglass boats. both semi-production and custom. He has done all phases of fiberglass construction, from laminating hulls and decks, to making and then glassing in bulkheads, stringers, engine beds, rudder and shaft logs, etc. He has taken molds from classic older boats for semi production as well as lofting and then building new up to 36 ft.

He has done innumerable small fiberglass repairs, as well as extensive structural repairs to small and large boats. He has built large and small part molds for custom production or repetition work, as well as some original design pieces both marine and architectural. He has fiberglassed entire exteriors of boats up to 40 ft, both existing and entirely new boats with polyester, epoxy and vinylester resins and from light fiberglass cloth to heavy, higher performance biaxials glass cloths.

Following are some examples:

Extensive Fiberglass Repairs
  1. Remove diesel engine to repair damage from shaft and coupling ripping out through the bottom, 52 ft. powerboat.
  2. Hurricane repairs including side, deck and bottom holes from Hurricane Fran, 31 ft powerboat.

New custom Flybridge and Dash

New Fiberglass Boatbuilding:
  1. From a fiberglass mold
  2. Making a fiberglass mold and then a fiberglass boat
  3. One-off fiberglass boats
Epoxy Fiberglassed Wooden Boats:
  1. 30 ft sailing trimaran
  2. 40 ft. solar power boat

Reid's Boatbuilding and Repair
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