Lengthen 40 ft. Solar Powered Boat:

This solar powered boat was built at 30 ft overall as an engineering prototype. After extensive trials including a completely solar powered trip well around the Florida Keys, the customer returned to Wilmington. and brought the boat to us for the purpose of lengthening to 40 feet, by adding a proper bow 7 ft longer, as well as a new vee bottom and a 3 ft. addition to the stern. We also did consideable other work such as; extending the cabin front with a three panel "bay" window and doors combination, narrowing the hardtop roof overhang, removing, modifying and reinstalling the double bilge keels over the new bottom transition area, replacing all of the cabin windows and doors with new aluminum frame marine windows, a new hardwood cabin sole throughout was installed and significant other interior wood work, fiberglassing the entire deck, cabin, cockpit and new hull outside with epoxy and biaxial cloth, fairing and finally spray painting.

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transom_bow_at_30_ft_before transom_bow_30_ft_before

new_added_bow_and_vee_bottom new_7ft_added_bow_and_vee_bottom

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