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New Flybridge and Dash, 37 ft. Uniflite

This project is the design of an original dash and fly bridge for a 37 ft Uniflite. The finished poducts on the boat below were made in fiberglass molds, which were in turn made from the wooden plug fabricated below. The bridge deck, or cabin top was springy and required another significant fiberglass repair, recoring the entire top, while the bridge was off the boat. This boat also got new engines, a lot of new interior woodwork, new electronics and a new motorized transom door and other work.

Plug and Mold:

original_ugly_dash_and_bridge new_custom_designed_dash_plug new_dash_plug_complete new_dash_mold_spray_gel_coat

New Fiberglass Dash and Bridge

          new_bridge_with_recessed_running_light          new_dash_and_bridge_deck_complete

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