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35 ton Stiff Leg Derrick
This derrick has been sold and there is a 75 ton travel lift is in it's place.

30 ton Trailer
This trailer is 52 feet long and was built for loading and unloading a 56 foot wooden boat. And we have several smaller size trailers as well, recently launching a 40 ft boat and then bringing a 32 ft, 15,000 pound power boat into the shop on a smaller trailer. But primarily this larger trailer was built as required for the job and is indicative of our "goal oriented" attitude.

Overhead gantry and mobile cranes
Reid's Boat Building and Repair is not presently on a waterfront location but has a large enclosed facility for lower overhead, long term projects. We will gladly discuss your projects and have the capability to arrange hauling out of the water, transport and then unload and blocking large boats as necessary. We have the experience and expertise to move, handle or maneuver larger vessels or components through a complex project.

Reid's Boatbuilding and Repair
8118 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28411
Phone (910) 547-9100

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