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Most of Richard's welding projects have been part of a bigger boat related project, such as the trailer project below and rebuilding the 35 ton stiff leg derrick on the "Services/Mechanical" page. However he has also done many, many small shop fixture and repair projects for customers from trailers to tables to tractors. The new engine beds below were fabricated and welded on site for Wilmington's Community College 85 foot research vessel.

Trailer Project:

cradle_rolling_20_ton_not_yet_trailer  welding_tailer_frame_and_gooseneck  richard_welding_5th_wheel_pin  trailer_with_20_ton_56_ft

85 ft. steel boat Main Engine Replacement Project:

   aft_engine_bed_looking_down  aft_engine_bed  main_engine_6"_exhaust  aft_enging_bed_looking_fwd

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