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40 ft Skipjack,  Ada Mae

Ada Mae under sail
The Ada Mae , built in 1915, is the oldest remaining, North Carolina built, Skipjack  in existance. She was recovered in 1995 from her life as part of the oyster-dredging sailing fleet on Chesapeake Bay and is now incorporated into an innovative, hands-on education program
with "Carolina Coastal Classrooms" in New Bern, NC.  or  (252) 638-7862

Based on a well known Baltimore shipwright's recommendation, Richard was regionally recruited for the project. He undertook this major structural repair as an independant shipwright working closely with Coast Guard inspectors on this inspected passenger vessel. He replaced much of the chine log on the starboard side, as well as many side frames, planks, a bottom plank and some additional blocking knees between the top of the centerboard trunk and the deck beams.

He worked closely on the project with the nearby North Carolina Maritime Museum  in Beaufort, NC where the boatshop class was doing some additional work on the vessel. When Richard got finished the boat had a final inspection and then was launched, the mast was stepped and she was gotten ready to sail.

skipjack_chine_log_aft_out  shipjack_chine_log_aft_fitting  skipjack_chine-replaced_forward  shutter_chine_planks_aft

skipjack_new_chine_log_and_frames_inside  plank_1_on, _spiling_plank_3  skipjack_centerboard_trunk_knees

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