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56 foot ex Navy passenger vessel.

This boat, built in 1944 as a Navy "Liberty Launch", still operates on the river in downtown Wilmington. My work covers some interesting aspects of the boat. This boat was the one I built my big trailer for and there are some pictures of my moving it with my old Army Truck. As an inspected passenger vessel I worked closely with Coast Guard inpectors, as I have on other major structural repairs.

Horn timber:                                 Double sawn frames:                                        Topside planking:
Horn Timber

old_horn_timber_and_knee horn_timber_out  bandsaw_horn_timber  marking_horn_timber_rabbett  fiftysix_horn_timber_just_in

Double Sawn Frames

double_sawn_frames_underway fiftysix_frames_complete topside_frames_removed fiftysix topside frames in

 Topside Planking

fiftysix_ft_planked_topsides fiftysix_ft_done_rolling_cradle

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