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Yacht Quality Woodwork

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This woodwork is sometimes called yacht joinery or yacht cabinetry but there are different areas today where those terms might not apply. In the old days, like in my Grandfather's "Reid's Boat Yard" there were specialty craftsmen. An "outboard joiner" would specialize in only fairing down the exterior of newly completed wooden boat planking, as a journeyman carrying a large assortment of specialized wooden hand made planes. An inboard joiner would specialize in building wooden boat interiors but not necessarily to the highest yacht quality standards. Richard has done all of these things including considerable fine wood work, both exterior teak trim and interior cabinetry to the highest yacht quality standards.

These are a few examples:

tri_walnut_winch_mount trimaran_interior_aft post_teak_cap_bow_rails  83_broward_caprails sunward_galley_hutch_fridge
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